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Benedict Builders Farm

Calvin and Laura Benedict
474 NE 951
Knob Noster

Our BEEF is completely 100% grass-fed using our rotational grazing system. No artificial growth hormones, no routine antibiotics and no grain are given to our cows. Our hens and BROILER CHICKENS are free-range on our pastures, moved each day to fresh grass, and are fed a non-GMO grain ration, as well as the grass and bugs they eat. Our pastured PORK is raised outside, on dirt lots, with deep bedding at farrowing time, and no growth hormones or antibiotics are given. Our vegetables, flowers, and herbs are naturally grown without chemical sprays or fertilizers. We do not use GMO seed, and we follow organic practices. CSA subscriptions are available for two (2) twenty-week sessions during the growing season. Our soap is made from organic oils, our herbs and essential oils. Treat your skin well! We believe healthy, happy animals and veggies benefit the environment, the farmers who manage them and the consumers who eat them. If you believe this also, we invite you to try our products.

Two (2) twenty-week sessions
herbs, flowers, soap, cheese, grass-fed beef, vegetables, pork
We co-op with two other producer growers. Pastured pork from the William Yoder Farm in Windsor, MO – these pigs are raised outside in pasture lots, with deep bedding for farrowing, in compliance with Niman Ranch specification. No antibiotics, growth promotants, growth hormones, bone or meat meal are used. Jersey Cow’s Milk Cheese and other Dairy Products from Tim Flory and Family at Homestead Creamery, Jamesport, MO. All their cheeses are aged for a minimum of 60 days – this meets MO State regs for raw milk cheeses.

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Benedict Builders Farm