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Lucky Star Farms

Lucky Star Farms
Randy & Tonia Rupe
2235 River Road
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We raise our cattle, right here at home and graze them spring, summer and early fall on our lush tall grass, never plowed pastures of Greenwood County Kansas. We feed them our own organically grown alfalfa hay with Brome grass, clovers and prairie hay in the winter months. We never use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Our meat is processed in Kansas at a USDA certified processor and vacuum packed in BPA free packaging and flash frozen for excellent quality and taste. This is simply some of the best beef available anywhere. We use registered Angus Bulls with superior characteristics in our herd to achieve excellent steakhouse quality marbling. This means that you never sacrifice flavor and tenderness when you choose Lucky Star Grass Fed Beef. Visit for more information about us and buying our beef, or give us a call at the ranch.

We also raise antibiotic & hormone-free pastured heritage breed turkey, chicken and eggs. Heritage breed pork now available. All of our pigs and poultry are fed only local non-GMO grain we grow ourselves and certified organic grains!

Available in Kansas City at GreenAcres Market – Briarcliff Village. Monthly Deliveries to Kansas City Metro area. Or give us a call and come visit our on-farm store!

Where to buy?:
Farm and GreenAcres Market in Briarcliff Village, KCMO, Wichita, and Oklahoma
Specific Items:
grass-fed beef, turkey, chicken, heritage pork
Exceptions to Farmer Pledges:
Farm Website :
Farm Phone :
Lucky Star Farms

We raise our animals right here on our place on thousands of acres of never-plowed tall grass flint hills prairie. We raise Black Angus cattle using registered Angus bulls with superior characteristics for finishing well on grass. Our cattle are 100% Grass Finished and never eat grain in their lives. Heritage Breed (Red Wattle and Berkshire) hogs are raised on pastures and get more than half their feed from grasses, legumes and walnuts. We supplement their diets with NON GMO and Certified Organic grains that we grow ourselves and also purchase locally. All of our animals are born right here on our place and never come from sale barns or feed lots. Mama pigs farrow outside in pastures and the forest naturally. We have never used crates or confinement of any kind. Our poultry is also free ranging and eat natural diets of forage and non gmo and organic grains.
Grass fed/Grass Finished Beef, Heritage Breed Pastured Pork and Poultry, Eggs, Jersey Dairy
Buy directly from us at the ranch store or find our products at all the GreenAcres Markets in KCMO (Briarcliff Village), Wichita and Oklahoma locations. For Bulk orders we deliver to your door!
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Lucky Star Farms