Gasper Family Farm

Pete Gasper
Fort Scott

Gasper Family Farm is a small, diversified family farm near Fort Scott, Kansas serving Kansas City area eaters.

We are dedicated to the honest, no-compromise production of top quality dairy, meats, poultry, eggs and vegetables. Our mission is to naturally produce awesome tasting food that is nutrient-dense and health building while restoring the environment. By working with God's creation instead of against it we produce food that makes the store stuff taste like cardboard.

Our foods include a variety of products from dairy cows, grass-fed/grass-finished beef, heritage breed pork, slow grown poultry (chicken, duck, goose,) eggs thereof and heirloom vegetables.

Our animals are fed a strict ORGANIC and Non-GMO diet, pastured year round and never treated with drugs or chemicals. We use gentle handling, wise system design, and natural methods to prevent problems and heal livestock.

See our website ( for more information on our products, pricing, and availability. But here's a sneak peak at what we offer:

Our farmstead raises rare breed heritage cattle like our Milking Devons to produce a wide variety of exceptionally rich, tasty dairy products that are worlds apart from what most offer. Items are available year round and we are taking new customers.

Our top quality grass-fed, grass finished beef is produced without the use of any grains, concentrates or sprouted grain. Most so-called grassfed beef is simply just 'fed grass' while various concentrates are fed.

Our heritage breed, Old Spots pigs are pastured and fed organically to produce awesome tasting pork. Red like beef and marbled better than beef this succulent pork has a flavor that leaps off the plate and is prized by butchers and chef's everywhere.

We have rejected the use of sickly Frankenchickens and only use slow-growing breeds of chicken, duck, and goose to produce the best quality meat anyone's ever had.

We produce chicken, duck, and goose eggs on pasture with heirloom breeds that produce more nutrient dense, tastier eggs.

We sell a small amount of heirloom vegetables.

Uncompromisingly organically grown, AWESOME TASTING FOOD!

There are two things our customers consistently keep telling us over and over again. ONE, how they can't find anyone else who does it like us and TWO, our meat/dairy/etc is the BEST and MOST AWESOME they've ever tasted.

This aren't just neophytes but people who've run side by side comparisons to find the absolute best. People who've been burned by the fraudsters and marketers marketing around their product deficiencies as they sell you more image than substance.

Our customers have come to depend on us for pure, nutrient dense, health building food that has been produced without compromise.

We believe in practices not paperwork. While we are NOT certified organic we strictly hue to the original principles and practices of the movement before it became co-opted by corporate ag and local food posers.

Much of your store organic is little different than conventional and neither are many local producers of 'beyond organic' or 'pastured' food. Far too often animals are confined, treated with drugs, fed GMO's or so-called Non-GMO but conventional chemically produced feed.

Likewise most of the 'grassfed beef' out there is merely 'fed grass' and not 100% Grass-fed AND Grass-finished; with producers taking shortcuts by feeding grain, molasses, protein licks, grain sprouts distillers grain, and other feed concentrates that compromise the nutrient quality of the meat.

But you wouldn't know these things by looking at the label, browsing the website or reading the sign. You have to KNOW your farmer. Far too often it takes perceptive digging to find out the truth of how they produced the food; if they were even the original producer at all.

We didn't get into organic production because we could make a buck. We got into it because our wife and mother Susan came down with Lupus and in the process of curing her in part with an organic diet we learned it was the right thing to do, no matter the cost. So while others take short cuts because 'no one cares' or 'no one would pay for it if I did it that way', we stick to our guns and do it right.

And if ever we fall short of that commitment, you'll find out about it. Any deficiencies from our high standards are communicated via our newsletter and disclosed in the price list so you know exactly what you're getting.
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We deliver food weekly or monthly to various drop locations around the Kansas City area including Overland Park, Olathe, Lawrence, Louisburg, Ottawa and more. Farm pickup available by appointment.

Visit our website at to order.
CSA shares are distributed via our regular weekly deliveries throughout the metro. Please contact us for a delivery point near you.
We have several meat and dairy CSA's. Become more a part of the farm while getting the best price on your food and sharing risk with YOUR farmer.

Our Pork CSA members get the best price on our pork when they receive a 10# variety pack of pork cuts one a month. The season runs for 6 months. We take new sign-ups at all times but the seasons are roughly divided into summer/fall and winter/spring.

Secure your supply and get the best price on poultry by joining our Chicken, Duck or Goose CSA's. We take new sign-ups year round and start a new batches of chicks as demand warrants.

Learn more at

More than a member, our Dairy CSA folks are literal owners in the cows that produce their milk, butter, cheese and more. They get the best price on dairy while also helping work on the farm and with delivery.

This CSA allows members to pre-order a monthly delivery of a fixed amount of our awesome tasting whole cow ground beef. The upfront deposit allows us to reduce the cost of production and get you the best price possible.

Our much loved Whole Cow Ground Beef is made by grinding ALL of the meat cuts in the animal including those prime stead cuts others hold out. (but not the organs, lest it taste livery :).
We sell honey produced by Susan's brothers in Montana. They do use chemicals but the bees are not sprayed during the honey run. This raw unfiltered honey is produced from native GMO-Free Sweet Clover. Unlike local honey they are not in corn country and have very very few GMOs in the region.

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