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Fruitful Hills CSA

Fruitful Hills CSA
Aaron and Martha Martin
12346 Atlas Rd.
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Farm Manager: Michael Frantz

Weather, pests, and disease affect the harvest, but the farmers will provide variety and value to the best of their ability. The most perishable items are picked on delivery day.

EGGS are delivered every other week.

Money Back Guarantee

In order to more fairly share the risk, we will cheerfully refund the balance of your subscription if, at the end of the season, you do not feel you received your money’s worth.

For a free brochure and CSA application, email Christine at You may also contact her for late sign-ups (after May 19 – we can usually accommodate new subscribers).

Pick up CSA shares in Columbus Park, Prairie Village, Lenexa, Garmin (employees only) or Children's Hospital Association (employees only) on Wednesday evenings.
Application and Costs
How It Works

1. Fill out the application and mail it with payment. Please allow one week for processing.

24 WEEKS of PRODUCE: Full share of produce – $540.00 or Partial share of produce (less variety & quantity) – $310.00

Full - $22.50/week x 24 weeks = $540

Partial (less variety & quantity) – $13/week x 24 weeks = $310

EGGS 12 dozen eggs @ $4.00/dozen = $48.00

CHICKENS (6) $101.00. (~ 4.5 lbs. each) @ $3.75/lb.

(Pastured, no hormones or antibiotics, processed by hand)

TURKEY $56.25 (~ 15 lbs. each) @ $3.75/lb.

(Pastured, no hormones or antibiotics)

BEEF $265.00, (40 – 50 lbs.) incl. steaks, roast, and burgers.

PORK $290.00, 1/2 pig – $190.00 for the pig and $100.00 for processing.

CHICKEN & TURKEY (pastured, no hormones or antibiotics) $136.00.

3 chicken fryers (~ 3 lbs. each) and 3 chicken broilers (~ 7 lbs. each) @ $2.75/lb.;
1 turkey (~15 lbs.) @ $3.00/lb. delivered prior to Thanksgiving.

BEEF (grass finished, no hormones or antibiotics) – $265.00.
40 – 50 lbs. of meat, including steaks, roast, and hamburger.

Early Bird Discount!
Pay in full by FEBRUARY 15 and take 5% off produce.

CHECKS PAYABLE TO Fruitful Hills CSA by May 1, 2013
Please send check (or installments) and application
to Aaron Eugene Martin 12346 Atlas Rd., Meadville, MO 64659
These are fellow horse-powered farmers in our community: Alexander Royer, Imperial Chicken-chicken Abram Bowerman- turkey Dennis McDonald- beef James Morris- potatoes Nathan Cook- winter squash Abner Royer- sweet corn Roger Brumbaugh- green beans
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  • Fruitful Hills CSA
  • Fruitful Hills CSA
  • Fruitful Hills CSA
  • Fruitful Hills CSA
  • Fruitful Hills CSA

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