Join us for an adventure in taste as some of our favorite farm-sourcing chefs surprise us with special treats not on their regular menus!

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2017 events

2016 events

  • Feb 24th- PopUp at The Farmhouse.  Chef Faust has something amazing in mind for our very first pop up happy hour!  Join us at 6:00 for a cocktail and small plates.
  • March 30- PopUp at Grunauer.  Some amazing offerings from Chef Nick!
  • April 27- PopUp at Affare!  See what Chef Martin is creating for you!
  • May 25th- PopUp at The Homesteader Cafe.  The hottest new farm sourcing restaurant in town.
  • July 27th- PopUp at The Westside Local.   Come see what Chef Michael has in store for us!
  • October 26th- Chef Renee Kelly will entertain us in her castle at Harvest.