We take our mission to connect you with local, organically growing farmers very seriously.

Where can you find local, organic and free range food in Kansas City?

  • Join a CSA!

    Spring is the perfect time to join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program so you can get a bundle of fresh, local and organic food every week. Whether you want vegetables or meat or eggs or all of the above, we will have a CSA for you. Feel free to contact each farmer with questions about distribution points, price, etc.

    If you have general questions about CSA or need helping finding the right one contact .

  • Organic Only Farmer’s Markets

    Kansas City is fortunate to have access to a number of Farmers Markets that only accept vegetable and fruit producers who agree to grow using organic methods. Organic growers avoid the use of conventional fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and other biocides, and they strive to preserve the health of the living soil. In addition, the farmers at these markets who produce meat, eggs, and dairy products agree to avoid the use of synthetic growth promotants such as hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

  • Sustainably Sourced Restaurants

    Enjoy some of the best food in the Kansas City area. Even better, as a member of the Kansas City Food Circle, you'll receive our Eat Local (& Organic) Dining Card for a one-time 10% discount at participating restaurants. Each featured restaurant was invited to join our program because of their public commitment to sourcing ingredients from local, organic, free-range farmers. We meet with them several times throughout the year for updates to their list of farmers. We can't help it if they feed us at the same time. It's a tough job but you know, someone has to do it.